Why Steam Cleaning your Jewelry Works

Steam cleaning leaves jewelry looking shiny and new, all without the use of hazardous chemicals, which are used in other cleaning methods. Through the use of high pressure steam, dirt, grime and oil are removed. Steam cleaning brings back the shine and luster to jewelry, but as with any cleaning method there are certain stones, such as opal, that can’t withstand the heat. This process allows for a fast and simple way to clean everything from engagement rings to simple gold bands, removing any dirt on the surface of the object. Apart from steam cleaning it’s also important to polish jewelry, in order to get a mirror-like shine. Before steam cleaning any piece it’s important to see if it can withstand the heat that will be produce, not only can it ruin stones, but also if the jewelry is held together by glue, steaming it will cause it to detach. As long as these factors are kept in mind, steam cleaning jewelry will bring back all the luster and shine it once had.

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