The PUrpose of Induction Melters

Induction melting is an alternative to metal melting that doesn’t let off any harmful emissions into the atmosphere, because the heat is being created through magnetic currents. Not only is induction melting a green alternative to common melting processes, but it’s used for a variety of entities in metal melting such as, mining facilities, precious metal refiners and even by precious metal wholesales or retailers that wish to melt their scrap metals.

Induction melters are used for melting jewelry, whether it be for the purpose of creating jewelry or to make bullion from gold, silver or other precious metals. International Jewelers Supply offers a wide range of induction melters for anyone’s metal melting needs. Induction melters differ according to the amount of metal, as well as the metal type, being placed inside for melting. If low volumes of gold are are being placed inside for example, they can be melted in about 15 minutes, and if it were platinum the process would take around 3 minutes, that’s why the amount as well as the type of metal are important when choosing an induction melter.

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