Can be used by itself or in combination with any other brand of mold rubber, this will save you money and keep shrinkage to a minimum. If you are using Blue Lo-Shrink in combination with other rubbers, place the Blue Lo-Shrink around the model and the standard mold rubber around the outside of the mold. When your mold requires a rubber with very low shrinkage, use Blue Lo-Shrink. It is a very forgiving product and is not temperature sensitive as with other low shrinkage products. Choose this durable rubber for its excellent tear strength, its ability to accurately capture fine detail and its excellent memory. Try this reliable mold rubber when your molds need to be just right! Vulcanize Blue Lo-Shrink at a temperature of 3100 (1550C) for 15 minutes per 1/4″ (6mm) or for an even lower shrinkage rate, vulcanize at 2900 F (1430 C) for 24 minutes per 1/4″ (6mm).

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