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Plastiform is a low temperature, hand-formable, non-toxic thermoplastic with many uses for the Jewelery industry. It is a unique material that is resilient plastic at room temperature but melts into a clear gel at only 140º. This process can be repeated indefinitely making plastiform very economical to use. Plastiform was originally developed for the jewelery industry as a shellac substitute but new uses are being developed all the time. Many jewelers favor Jett Basic Plastiform over Jett Sett because Jett Basic has a smoother plastic like surface at room temperature, while Jett Sett has more of a dry ceramic like feel. Another choice for a thermoplastic is GRS ThermoLoc, which has a surface somewhere between the two.

These Uses Include:
• Use as a substitute for pitch in chasing and raising techniques.
• Produce forms and special mallets for anticlastic raising.
• Cover anvils, dapping tools, mallet and hammer heads to produce non-marring tools.
• Produce durable reusable forms for hydraulic die forming.
• Make form fitting handles for tools and punches.
• Use as an impression material to reproduce forms in wax.
• Cover plier jaws and tweezers line jaws of engraving blocks or vices.

Jett Basic Plastiform will not stick to glass, ceramic and most metals. Silicone mold release spray or vegetable oil spray (Pam) can be used as a release agent if necessary on plastics, metals and wax. Jett Basic Plastiform may be dissolved by Methylene Chloride (Attack Epoxy Solvent) or acetone.

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