How to Properly Clean and Polish your Jewelry

Jewelry is purchased primarily for aesthetics, the shinier and brighter your jewelry looks the more compliments you’ll get and the better you’ll feel about you investment. Cleaning and polishing jewelry is crucial in extending its durability and luster. There’s a variety of products in the market to clean jewelry that will bring back its original qualities.

The first step in cleaning jewelry is polishing it, this step removes any abrasions that would’ve shown up after years of use. The process of polishing any material will remove any scratches on the surface of the object, resulting in a smooth, scratch-free surface. The next step is soaking the jewelry into a cleaning solution, this step will further remove any dirt or dust lodged into small crevices in the jewelry. When performing this step it’s important to see what material you’re cleaning, due to the fact that there are certain elements that can’t withstand the harsh chemicals of the cleaning products used. The final step is steam cleaning the pieces, this gets rid of any remaining grime. Once you go through these steps you jewelry will be looking as clear and shiny as it was when it was first purchased.

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