Testing the Authenticity and Purity of Gold

Gold is one of the most precious and valuable metals in the world, that’s why it’s vital for both jewelry sellers and consumers to have a way to test its quality, and therefore determine its authenticity. An Internet search will bring up a number of ways to determine the authenticity of gold. Some of these methods include rubbing it against unglazed porcelain tile, holding a magnet on it, or the most popular way, through the use of an acid test. These acid tests can be done using hydrochloric or sulfuric acid.

The purity of gold is another important factor, that both sellers and consumers should look at. Gold is categorized in karats, 24k gold is the most pure type of gold available, but it’s also too malleable, so it’s mixed with other metals to harden it. Gold categorized as less than 24k is a fraction of 24 karats, for example 12k gold is 12/24, making only half of it pure gold. Acid testing kits are used to test the purity of gold, and different ones are available depending on the fineness of the gold.

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