The Importance of Buffing your Jewelry

Buffing jewelry allows for a cleaner, shinier, better looking piece. Buffing jewelry comes after the jewelry is polished. This process leads to a surface with more luster, shine and even a mirrored finish. When buffing jewelry the first step is to remove any scratches on the surface, much like when jewelry’s being polished. There’s a variety of buffing tools available, for different types of metals, as well as the desired finish. When buffing any jewelry it’s important to keep in mind the type of metal, because some buffing tools may be too harsh on certain metals, which can result in cutting the piece, rather than leaving a smooth finish. Buffing brings a mirror-like finish on metals if done properly.

There are different types of buffing wheels, which are used depending on the metal. Brown tripoli buffing is used for smoothing the surface, as well as adding brightness. White rouge compound may be used for metals such as stainless steel or aluminum. While rouge polishing will leave a lustered, mirror-like finish on precious metals, such as gold or silver. Buffing and polishing your jewelry will bring back the luster and shine it once had.

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