Why XRF Metal Analyzers are Ideal for Scrap Metal Analysis and Other Applications

XRF Metal Analyzers allow for verification or analysis of the amount of certain metals in your jewelry. Whether you’re a seller or a consumer of fine jewelry, it’s always important to know exactly what it is you’re paying for, as well as knowing the true value of your precious metals. XRF Metal Analyzers work better and give more exact results, than the more commonly used acids to test the fineness of metals.

Not only will you get more exact results, down to the second decimal point, but it’s also a lot faster to use, allowing the buyer or seller to do it right on the spot. Being able to get such precise figures is vital, especially when it comes to gold, where it’s considered 14k at 58.8% gold, but also at 70%, it’s not considered 18k until it contains 75% gold. This method is also non-invasive, unlike the acid method which has you take a piece of the metal off. Although gold is the most commonly analyzed metal, XRF Analyzers work on a variety of other metals, including, copper, nickel, iron, cobalt and more.

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